More Theistic Myths

More Theistic Myths, this time about atheists:

  • atheists can’t legitimately decide to be atheists because they haven’t studied the Bible throughly – if they knew God’s Word they would believe as we do and accept God into their hearts;
  • atheists are atheists because they are emotionally defective and can’t empathize with others, so they can’t feel religious (spiritual) experiences and can’t feel God’s Truth;
    atheists are following cult leaders and founding atheistic religions;
  • atheists are atheistic only because they have closed their minds to the evidence for God’s existence, creationism, or intelligent design creationism (if they don’t believe in these it’s because they have not read or understood the books);
  • atheists worship scientists and blindly accept everything that scientists tell them even though science can’t prove anything;
  • atheists claim that their position is rational, but atheists are incapable of logic or critical thinking – after all, if atheists could think critically they would see that our dogma-of-choice is the Truth;
  • atheists have committed terrible atrocities and society will go to hell in a handbasket (cartoon) if society becomes more secular and accepts laissez-faire “moral relativism”;
  • atheists tar all theists with one brush.

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